Super Tournaments - Super Boring?

It seems that every other week there's another so called Super Tournament taking place, usually in some well appointed building in equally magnificent surroundings. The format is usually the top 8 in the world, all play all, reversing colours for huge sums of cash. For example here is a cross table from Dortmund; 

This is a fairly typical table, with 64% of games resulting in draws. Obviously competition is extreme at this level, and winning chances are few and far between. The thing is, I find myself becoming less and less interested in the outcome. Obviously I'd like our own 'Mickey' Adams to win them, but other that I'm totally apathetic toward them. I rarely go through any 'topflight' games, because :

  • I don't play 90% of their openings.

  • I don't understand 90% of it.

  • I don't like playing through drawn games.

  • I don't recognize half of them.

Now then, the purists out there would argue, that I should study the games of the best players in the world, but I'd counter that with; At my level, which is 'club' standard, (as are 90% of all chess players) time is a very valuable commodity which is best served 'studying' tactics and themes based around controlling squares.

I gave up reading books (especially GM Game collections) a long time ago, my preferred format nowadays is CD-ROMs and DVDs, I find them a more practical way of learning, and more importantly retaining what I've learnt. Perhaps the complete and utter lack of 'chess superstars' on British TV screens is another reason for my apathy.

I digress, are we saturated with Super Tourneys? Does anyone agree that they're a tad stale? Super Tournaments, Super Boring?