Restless Leg Syndrome

How often have you encountered an opponent who seems to have no control over his/her limbs? Well, it appears to be a real problem after all. Now I feel so guilty for 'accidentally' stamping on a few sufferers!

R.L.S. Is a fairly common disorder suffered by chess players around the world. The condition is occurs when a player can see that he or she is about to win the game, a piece, a pawn or in severe cases a tempo. Symptoms vary from small ankle movements, involuntary spasms, and palpitations, to the full-blown ‘Table trembler’

The condition is hard to diagnose, as the patient is unaware that they have the disease, it can lay dormant for years only manifesting itself under match conditions. Fortunately, it’s not thought to be contagious although if you see a suspected case of R.L.S. you’re advised by the B.C.F. (British Chair Fiddlers) to take any loose change out of the sufferer’s pocket to prevent bruising.

While there is no known cure for R.L.S. there are some ways of combating it for example,

  • Play on a hard surface (preferably concrete)

  • Use only tables with equal length legs

  • Don’t wear clogs

  • Tie your shoelaces together