Members and Grading
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We have around 14 regular members.
We also have around six occasional players who turn up now and again for a 'knock about', so in total we have around twenty players connected with the club.
We're a smallish club, but a very dedicated group of players and we are looking for new members NOW!
Grades are taken from the current Jan 2018 list 

No Player Grade
1 Collin Smith 163
2 Stephen Carter 147
3 Jim Stuart 129
4 John Reddington 113
5 Paul Freeman 111
6 Ray Brown 90e
7 Fred Stobbart * 87
8 ​Ian Hunter 81
9 Ben Myers 40
10 Joe Rennison U/G
11 Lee Blood U/G
12 James Leggatt U/G
13 Peter Flear U/G
14 Daniel Turnbull U/G
What are the numbers after the names and what do they mean?
After you've played over five games, you will be given a chess grade, the higher the number the better the player.
In theory if you're graded 50pts above your opponent you should win every game, however I must stress this is definitely NOT always the case.
​U/G players are Ungraded.
* Fred is registered with Hetton, but is a regular at our club.