Internet Chess

Its a fair assessment that most if not all of us have at one time or another played chess on the net.

The choices as to where to play are many,,, Internet Chess Club, MSN, Yahoo and many more.

Blitz in my personal favourite, its short enough to deter the cheats and long enough to play a half decent game.

The time controls some players use are ludicrous, many opt for the 1 minute each game, which can be translated as 'whoever has the fastest connection to the server wins'!

What's the point of that? Its not what chess is supposed to be. The net is also home to some very poor sportsmanship, I suppose it comes with the anonymity of the Net. People become very brave/insulting when not sat directly opposite a 'real' person.

There are some incredibly arrogant, ignorant, insulting and just plain rude people out there.

There are also a lot of very bad losers, defeat comes so easily in chess, especially blitz it always surprises me why they can't seem to accept it and feel the need insult you or call you lucky for destroying them.

I was recently playing an American chap, the conversation went as follows...

" r u from usa?" No, England I reply, "wow do u know the queen?" - I mean, come on, does the dummy think we all live in the Palace and have tea and biscuits with the Queen all day!

I know we live in a small country but sheesh! Perhaps I should have said I was the Prince of Wales, I may have heard his slack jaw dropping across the Atlantic!

Some regular themes/reasons for and ideas of internet blitz are...
1. Playing any longer then 5 minute games and computers enter the equation, most chess servers now have engine detecting software and the cheaters are regularly banned. (probably to re-emerge under a different name/alias)

2. When in a totally winning position, your bad loser opponent instead of resigning like a 'normal' person will just sit and let the clock tick down, I find this interlude is the perfect time to practice my speed typing, I'm up to 20 swearwords a minute!

In the 'old days' most of the bad losers were predominantly American, now  then, I don't want to make this into a USA bashing paragraph (because they all have guns) I've had some really good banter with many Americans out there too. These days, the disrespect is universal.

The one really good thing about the Internet is whatever the time of day you know that a game of chess is only a couple of mouse clicks away, which can't be a bad thing.