Drink like a Grandmaster

Through out the ages men have tried many things to improve their game, one such attempt has been the use of alcohol. 

Now, as one who has played well over half of his competitive games 'under the influence' I feel I'm in a position of authority and I have the knowledge which only years of abuse 'err' experience can bring.

What are the pro's and cons

Does beer really work as an aid to chess enlightenment?

Take a look at this below...


  1. No fear,

  2. Lets the imagination run wild,

  3. Exercises the arms,

  4. Increases playing strength by 20 grading points,

  5. Leaves you with really fresh breath,

  6. You are more attractive to the opposite sex.



  1. Lack of concentration,

  2. Decreases playing strength by 10 points a pint,

  3. Lose on time due to toilet breaks,

  4. Makes driving home fairly difficult!

Some of my best results were gained with beer by my side, (and spilt down my front), but its hardly what you would call a 'performance enhancing drug' indeed, for the vast majority of us its a complete 'no-brainer'. Alcohol affects us in many different ways, the loss of inhibitions, coordination, common sense, the ability to speak fluently etc.

A favourite tipple of mine for many years was Newcastle Brown Ale an 'infamous' brew, whose effects can be summed up in a saying of mine which goes, "it makes you climb walls!"

Like all things alcohol related, it makes you think you play better than you actually do.
It certainly is NOT a performance enhancing drug, quite the opposite!