Chess Widow's

Coping with the Loss

All chess players wives, girlfriends and partners can be classed as CHESS WIDOW'S.

They must come to terms with the loss of 'the other half' to chess. Some 'widows' will no doubt look forward to club night with great excitement, glad to have a break from their resident GM's

Our lass after I've left the house to play chess. And If you believe that, you'll believe anything!

There are a 'few good men' who have attempted to teach 'the wife' to play, I tried it ONCE, It led to divorce proceedings.. NEVER again!

The TV was as usual showing "Celebrity Dog Turds!" or some other mind numbing program. Anyhow our brief encounter went something like this... I asked, "you know what all of the pieces are don't you?"

"YES", "I'm not daft you know!" she replied.

I said "no its a Rook not a castle, Its a Knight not a Horse"

She said "I hate it when you think your so superior!"

After giving her a few tips we played our first and last 'game' together.

She tried to castle into check, she swapped Rooks for pawns because she 'didn't like the look of them' and she constantly told me to hurry up!

Now, I could have let her win, but her total lack of respect for the game and her very annoying impatience led me to crush her slowly and mercilessly, hey, what can I say, I'm just like every chess player the world over, a ruthless bastard who doesn't like to be beaten by anyone at anytime!

So after the smoke had cleared and (I got her to put the knife down), she had to have the final word on the subject "I don't know how you sit and play that for hours!" and I thought to myself, no you don't do you love?

A chess widow forever more.