Chess players are dumb!

"I'm a Grandmaster you know!"

Recent research suggests that chess players aren't as clever as we or others think we are.

Its thought it merely takes practice and not intellect to become a good chess player.

That's something I've known for a long time, as some of the best chess players I know can't string two words together let alone form a full sentence!

Brain scans taken from players while they ponder a position reveal that the areas of the brain associated with intelligence are inactive. Yeah, take a look around any tournament hall to see all that inactivity!

Amateur chess players don't use the area of the brain believed to house general intelligence, sometimes called 'g' or Graham as like to call it!

The whole idea of chess as just a game where 'practice makes perfect' is a confrontational claim, I find it hard to believe that a person with a very low IQ (naming no names!) could (with practice) become a GM or for that matter even a county standard player.

It was suggested that a professional or a player with money riding on the game (what's the difference? As most tournament games are played for money) might 'stretch' their minds more. But ultimately a lot of things we would consider as clever or smart are based purely on experience.

So, now I know that the years of playing flawed chess, can be attributed to a lack of ambition by the right side of my brain! I'm not crap after all, its a genetic thing! With 'PRACTICE' I will be the next world champion, "Yeah right!"