Chess on the Rocks!

"The Rock"
Jimmy 'the grinder' Simpson in full catalogue pose. With a shocked looking Eric Schiller alongside, if the name rings a bell, you've probably read one of his 100+ books! Why was he shocked? Walton said, "I had just bollocked him for his book that missed a mate in one (a thick one giving a page to each opening!!) He was temporarily stunned." Notice England's No 1 and world No 9 Mickey Adams trying to get in on the action far left. Don't you just hate those 'glory hunters'
Simpson v Player 1-0 Man of many talents, 'the grinder' tinkles the ivory's while simultaneously smoking a small tree!
The Grand old man, Victor 'the terrible' Korchnoi about to face American hottie Irina Krush on Board 13. It was unlucky for him though, find out why here.
CW in action, he even finds time to play Sudoku during  his games. (Its not really a Sudoku game) Its a marvellous device called a MonRoi its the future methinks have a look. Jimmy playing another 'easy' opponent WGM Nana Dzagnidze from Georgia Elo 2463 about 233 ECF See what happened here.
Mickey Adams on board 2 with the young American super-talent Hikaru Nakamura alongside.
Its tough at the top, its really hard 'forcing' all that food and drink down! Walton, he must be on the top table as Peter Leko is opposite in the white shirt! (Its not really Leko)