Beating Good Players

(My System)

The path to chess enlightenment and improvement is a long, winding and rocky one. One starts with defeat after defeat, until that memorable day when the beatings stop and you gain that first win! Your chess competence and confidence grows, until you reach the same level/standard as your contemporaries.

How does one take the next step?

We all have an innate chess ability, but the standard of our 'natural' playing strength varies widely from person to person. We reach our plateau and without some form of external coaching or SERIOUS, SERIOUS, study we forever remain about the same standard.

Its clearly demonstrated when you see the same guys competing in the same grading sections year after year, they've reached their 'peak' and are clearly happy (or not as the case may be) with their lot.

If you want to continue improving as a player you must eventually beat better players. Now, I'm one of those 'lazy' players, who would love to improve, but just can't be arsed to do it. I make it into the top 35% of players, which sounds impressive, but when you consider that GM's and the like are the top 1% of players, probably less, then it just confirms how bloody lazy everyone else is!

My grade has slowly risen over the past four or five years, why? My record against players of my own strength is equal which is to be expected, and I beat the vast majority of players below my standard, again, no surprises, so what's the reason for my 'tumultuous' rise? I put it down to the fact I've won the occasional game against good players.

Now then, I'm a reasonable club standard player around 160 ECF so what/who do I class as good players? In the vast majority of local leagues 190+ ECF graded players will number less than a dozen, these guys have as a rule, played from a young age and have a firm understanding of the game. They are the local 'superstars' and qualify (in my book anyway!) as good players.

What's your 'system'? I hear you ask, how can mere mortals like us achieve the dizzy heights of chess mastery like you? (Chess mastery? *snigger* me? LOL!!)

The answers to all of your questions my friends, can be found in three games I've won/fluked. The first is against one of the best players in the Cleveland league. C.Smith v S.Marsh

Next up is a victory over in my opinion, currently the one of best players in the North East C.Smith v J.Hawkins As a disclaimer I must add that this is THE ONLY time I've beaten 'the Hawk' in about five attempts! And lastly a Black win from me, which is a rarity against anyone let alone a 190+ player going for an IM norm! N.Tavorlaris v C.Smith

There you have it folks, the secrets of Chess superstardom explained in three 'easy' steps, enjoy! Make the cheques payable to Peterlee Chess Club.