The Art of Resignation

The times I have lost games and wanted to smack my opponent square on the chin have been many, then again I've won games and wanted to do the same!

I was told a funny little tale recently, two guys playing a game, one was graded some 40 points above the other, the lower graded player or 'Patzer' was taking one hell of a beating, and in a virtually lost position his opponent or 'Crazy horse' as I like to call him must have had so many winning options at his disposal lost the thread and remarkably put his Queen en prise!

The amazed and grateful 'Patzer' took the Monarch, now, at the loss of the Queen and the game did 'Crazy horse' resign gracefully?ll NO!
He picked up said Queen and threw it across the board scattering the remaining pieces in all directions got up and walked out!

A defeat can be hard to take after controlling a game to the point of victory then a brainstorm loses it instantly! But come on, even the very best in the world have become accustomed to defeat, its as certain as putting your finger through the toilet paper! Its going to happen to all of us at some point, but some will use more paper than others!

It happened to me at the Durham Congress, let me describe the scene, I had the Black bits, its round 4, I'm on 3/3 and in the lead, and playing some half decent stuff! After three hours play and total domination of the game I reached the following position...

White has just played 47.b5, his last hope, now at the time my thoughts were focused on my bladder, I had 20 minutes on the clock, but the toilets were a good 10 minutes away, I knew I was winning and just had to 'hold on' I partly attribute this to my blunder! The simple 47...a6 or any King move wins, but for some inexplicable reason I played 47...cxb???? As soon as I'd played it I realized to my horror that 48.a6! (Diagram) is a forced win for white.

For example 48...axb 49.Kxd5 ...Kg4 50.c6 ...Kxh4 51.c7 ...Kxg5 and Queens on c8 (Diagram). Although I've 5 pawns there're too far away from promoting to be of any use! 1-0.

I was fecking devastated man! I had to go home for lunch to calm down and pull myself together for the final round. I was absolutely fuming with the result, I'd very wrongly assumed that I could simply play anything and win! The only offensive move played by my opponent in the game was 47.a6! :-)) And it bloody won!! 

What's even better from his point of view, was in the previous round he played a team-mate of mine whose mobile phone went off after only 4 moves, and he was duly defaulted! That was 2 points gifted to him. Anyhow, I managed to win my last game and took a share of 1st prize with 4/5.

That 47th move will haunt me for a very long time! There were more ways to win than lose, its certainly one of the worst moves I've ever played!

Can any readers beat it?