Arctic Chess

Picture the scene, the date is January 24th in the picturesque city of Durham northern England. Its typically very, very cold in the area this time of year. When the Sun (or 'Light God' as its known around there) shines, it's so rarely seen the locals actually throw stones at it!

The Peterlee 'SHINKICKERS' are scheduled to play Durham CC in their new venue, St. Margaret's Church Hall, South Street, Durham. Its was a cold evening, icy cold in fact, after a little trouble finding the place we eventually stumbled upon it.

We opened the front door to be greeted with this site below......

Now then, you may think I'm exaggerating and well, yes I am, but only slightly!

It was THE coldest place I've ever played in. We had an inkling things were not as they were supposed be when the home team were dressed like this...

And this time, I'm NOT exaggerating. Scientists monitoring the disappearing ice shelf didn't have as many layers on as those fellas!

A view of my 'Snowboard'

Never have I been so pleased to have been unshaven. It was cold enough to see your breath, now that's bloody bad!

My pen/ice pole stopped working, the bottle of water I had nearly turned to ice. I've worked on building sites for twenty years, and have rarely been as cold as that. Some kind of warning would have been greatly appreciated, or at the very least some blankets!

How anyone can play chess in those conditions is beyond me, I would look for another club to play for rather than endure that.