A Hotly Contested Match


It's almost impossible, to read a newspaper or, to switch on the TV these days without being confronted with reports of global warming. One such story got me thinking about some of the winters that we've had in the past.  No! This isn't a 'good old days' or 'when a were a lad' tale, so don't switch off yet.

As everyone involved in club chess knows, the match season runs through the winter months. So as you can imagine, there have been some pretty hairy trips, to some god-forsaken places. On more than one occasion we have travelled to an away game only to find ourselves making the return trip in blizzard conditions.

When I first joined Peterlee Chess Club, (yes I have got a good memory) hospitality was a big part of the chess scene. It was common practice, for the home team, to provide tea and biscuits during the match. This doesn't seem to happen any more.

Is this yet another effect of global warming? You're not cold so you don't need a cup of tea. Not that it matters to the Peterlee Mafia they would rather have a pint anyway.


There is however, one team that must surely take the gold medal in the hospitality stakes.

Take a bow Consett. To give everyone who has never been to Consett an idea of what its like, they have snow up there in June.

So we once (a few years ago) arrived there dressed like extras from a Scott of the Antarctic film. During the course of the match, everyone seemed to be shedding clothing which in this location was unheard of. From Scott of the Antarctic, to The Full Monty in one night. The reason for this strange behaviour became clear when a lady, tapped on the door before entering, and whispered.

"Excuse me gentlemen, I don't know if you're aware of it but, the buildings on fire."


Setting the place on fire to keep their visitors warm. Then tapping, and whispering Fire, so that our concentration was not disturbed. Now that's hospitality with a capital H!!


The Consett lads will always be sure of a 'warm' welcome at Peterlee.


Yoda AKA

Bill McGregor.