The Sidewinder

(Crotalus cerastes)

A venomous rattlesnake found in the desert regions of the southwestern United States and Northwestern Mexico.

Its name comes from its unusual form of locomotion.

As its body progresses over loose sand, it forms a  J-shaped impression with the tip of the hook pointing in the direction of travel. It increases the portion of its body in contact with the sand allowing mimimal slippage as it moves.

In the only game I have thus far with this system,  R. Donner vs. G. Imbuido (Dec 2012), the moves 1... a6, 2... d6, 3... g6, played in exact sequence, illustrate exactly why I chose "Sidewinder". 

The idea  is to play the most flexible moves first, wait for White to react and then Black can later decide to transpose to kindred systems that he feels comfortable with.  At move 4, I committed myself to a Pirc defence but Black certainly has other flexible choices here such as 4... c5.     

I only intended  1... a6 (the tip of the hook) after 1. e4, because I know I can relate to a lot of other systems that arise from here onwards.

In the aforementioned game above, I succeeded in seducing Bob's queen bishop to maneouvre to g3. I doubled his g-pawns and simplified to a rather slightly comfortable endgame.

Sidewinders' venom are not immediately fatal you know!  Me and Bob, we played for more than 62 moves.

He's a fighter.

If you keep this pit viper as a pet, make sure you know how to handle it!