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Beginner's and new players are welcome.

We play every TUESDAY evening in the Peterlee Labour Club, from 7.00pm onward.

We're always looking for new players and you're guaranteed a warm welcome from a friendly and knowledgeable group of players in Peterlee.

​A good starting point is the About Us section, it will have the answers to most of your questions, if there is anything else you need to ask, just ring or text Collin on 07766 882194

Or you can send us an email at peterleechessclub@gmail.com

New Article - Miscalculation

11/3/18Fixtures and Results have been updated, with individual points scored and percentages of all players.

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We have a  Facebook page with regular updates, league tables of internal tournaments etc.

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A new tournament on the circuit based on low entry fee's and low prize money hosted by Tim Wall and Forest Hall Chess Club, take a look here.


It's recruitment time, we looking for new players NOW! Beginners are more than welcome. Email us at peterleechessclub@gmail.com


Darlington Loco's gained revenge from their heavy defeat earlier in the year by hammering us at home 4½-½! There was a nice finish from Darlo's Stephen Ormerod on board one, take a look here.


Our game against Darlington Locos on Monday 15th January was noteworthy because of two things, apart from the top board we were outgraded by 30pts  on all the other boards and still managed to win the game 4-1.

It also went down as an historic occasion as the game on board 1 between Peterlee's Collin Smith and Darlington's Stephen Ormerod was the first time a game in the County Durham League was broadcast live on the internet. 

​You can view the game here.

Why try a Chess Club?

There are an enormous number of people who play chess socially, many play their computers, or among a small group of friends, family and work colleagues. However the vast majority of potential club players spend their time playing online.

So, why should you take the plunge, turn off the PC, challenge yourself and play some 'real' people at your nearest chess club?

  • ​Playing 'serious' chess means using a clock, writing your moves down, having to think for a few hours, with much more than just bragging rights at stake.

  • ​Only playing against a computer limits the variety of opponents and more importantly, the PC simply doesn't play like a human, they play in an unusual way, the silicon machine is a superb analysis tool, but is no fun to play.

  • ​By playing among a small group of friends you won't be able to gauge your real ability as a chess player until you pit yourself against hardened club players.

  • ​Playing the same people over and over again limits the variety of games and experience you'll receive and you won't develop as a player. 

  • ​Joining a club will widen your circle of opponents, but more importantly, there is the social side, being part of a team and group of like minded people offers the chance of real friendship, much better than being abused online by some keyboard warrior!

​Many thanks

​Peterlee Chess Club.

Every now and again one of us manages to play an interesting or just plain funny/bad move or game.

We post it here for your viewing pleasure.

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